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It would be fair to say that I've had a love affair with film since my childhood. Both music and cinema have  greatly influenced the directions I've chosen in life. Film directing has been my main focus and passion, initially inspired by watching Tim Burton's 1989 version of "Batman" in complete awe.

I've gained valuable experience working for production companies including Working Title & Ridley Scott Associates, which taught me a great deal about the mechanics of the business. Shadowing some of the industry's greatest, most successful directors inspired me to pick up the camera. Beginning with filming and editing my own productions for up and coming artists within London. Over the years nurturing my name as a director, collaborating with a wide selection of the nation's biggest music artists. And I feel like I am only just getting started...

greg francis

film, music video & content director.
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Greg Francis was one of the featuring artists in a pioneering exhibition featuring some of the leading artist within Britain. Which took place at the globally renowned OXO Tower in London. 

He also won a prestigious Kinsale Shark award for his documentary series “Self Expression - Breath”

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